Responsible Tourism

Tourism has always been a forefront of Nepalese economy and yearly around a million tourist visit this so called paradise in the Himalayas. Despite that great fame that comes with it, Nepal is home to social stigma, poverty, and social injustice. As such responsible tourism tend to address those all problem through tourism. You are not only here to explore the land and hills and take full scenic enjoyment. Not only you but the country should also get something in return. Yes! You surely don’t get in and travel around for free but that too is only a part of things that you can do and if we think deeply, it really does not take much, you just have to notice the fine prints and act accordingly.

Tourist is our invaluable guests and assets to our country and we will definitely ensure that you will be well mesmerized by the beauty of the country and the services that we provide.

What should be done?

As Nepal houses numerous superstitious and inequality from child labor to unfair low wage system, responsible tourism must enable the eradication of such social problem. We urge you not promote any child labor related issues- if there’s a child carrying your luggage, say no, if there’s a porter with improper clothing and footwear, don’t take advantage of him, don’t try to put on heavy loads. Even if you pay for it, they are also human, not donkeys. The work conditions must be carefully evaluated because even though their own employer may think less of them, your positive contribution will yield better social conditions.

Next thing to do would be to try to bargain less, the local products should be promoted and purchased and since for them, tourists are the source of their income, it would be a great help for them if you buy at their listed price, if the price is unsatisfactorily high then it’s another thing. Be careful about garbage and waste policy and try to use the dustbin as a disposal. Involving local communities in our operations does not only help them to earn but also learn something from you. This gives them awareness and knowledge about something that they might have never obtained.

There are many orphanages in Nepal located in tourist locations and you can donate for them, give them a visit, talk to them. Donation may not necessarily be in cash, but also in kind and sharing of information. Similarly, be a part of one among various organizations and help to conserve the environment. Give us a helping hand in making our country a better place to live in. 

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