Best time to travel in Nepal

Nepal is one of the greatest and richest touristic destination for you, both culturally and naturally. You should know that Nepal houses four seasons and climate varies accordingly. As such the most favorable time to travel in Nepal are Autumn (September – December) and Spring (March –May) when the climate is neither too hot or too cold. Other than that, heat and cold may hinder your travels.

After spring, monsoon starts which bring about extreme rain. Recently the monsoon invited one of the worst landslides in Nepal. This not only hinders the daily operation in travels but also destroys much of the life and the property as well as infrastructure such as roads and bridges which may disrupt your travels. During June – September, the heavy clouds will also obscure the beautiful mountain views and will keep you indoors.

Best time to trek.

The best time to travel in Nepal, especially trekking would be Autumn, especially during November. During this month, the heavy influx of trekkers will fill the trekking route as the weather is clear and there is no rain to disrupt your trek. The only thing you need to worry about is the high altitude and the altitude sickness that it brings with it.

You can also charge in the pre-Autumn phase. Although it is winter, trekking is very much possible. The temperature during the day will be cooler and nights even chillier. The heavy snowfall may discourage many of the trekkers and makes it somewhat impossible to climb some of the trekking routes.

During the spring season, the weather is, even more, clearer, the winter just ends and the summer is yet to come and it perfect not only for Trekker but also for tourists to travel in the cities. There might be mild rain which further makes the mood even more interesting to travel around. Climbing high passes is possible as there is no snow to obstruct the travel. We recommend you not to travel during monsoon and make the best out of during the spring and autumn.


Winter brings snowfall in the higher altitudes and is good for trekking on low altitudes. The temperature is 15-24 degree Celsius during autumn and 16-23 degree Celsius during spring. This makes these two seasons the best time to travel in Nepal During the summers, the temperature rises further even till 35 degrees Celsius and even above that. Winter, on the other hand, drops to 9-12 degree Celsius and even below.

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