Our Team

  • Ghan Prasad Amgain

    Founder & CEO

    Namaste and a very cordially welcome to Himalayan Partner treks company. Mr. Ghan Prasad Amgain is founder and President of this company, Mr. Amgain was growing up western part of the Nepal region the Mt. Manaslu called the Gorkha Kingdom. I have been working in the tourism hospitality field since 17 years experience on this felid, I have been able to lunch my own company in Kathmandu, Nepal, Thank you very much my valued traveler friends who I have to meet In Nepal and during my travel to Europe.  As other tourism interpreters in Nepal, I also began my carrier as porter, Trekking Guide/Leader, Operation Manager, and owner. Mr. Ghan Amgain, a young entrepreneur, recognized his place in the tourism industry in a short period. He earned his experience through the ups and downs in his professional career. He has been in the Nepal travel industry for more than a decade. His years in the tourism trade helped him to achieve a plethora of experiences in making striking tour/trek packages. Additionally, his extensive travels add realistic and practical knowledge to all the tour packages he commences. Ghan also travels around the world (France, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Belgaum, and some South East Asia)  He is multilingual with a high aptitude to comprehend western as well as eastern cultures as well. He assists westerners in understanding Nepali culture properly. I do speak Fluent French as an additional language. I would like to heartily welcome you to join Himalayan partner Treks . “safety and reasonable price is my paramount concern” I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. Regards Ghan Prasad Amgain 

  • Kamala Pandey

    Managing Director

    Kamala Pandey is our public relations officer who has been constantly assisting us with her welcoming and humble nature. Born in the Gorkha district, in the Manaslu region, Kamala helps our guests with their queries and needs who visit us in the office. Thanks to her study background in Business and Tourism Management, along with deep knowledge and experience in eco-tourism, she has become a sturdy pillar in our team. She worked as a tour operator with different companies. Her proven track records have given her a good reputation in providing reliable information about tourism, socio-economic, and human-cultural related sectors of Nepal.