Getting in to Nepal

Nepal has always been a touristic destination, from the central city of Kathmandu to the western tourist hub Pokhara to the eastern Himalayas, there is countless place to visit. However, surprisingly there is only one international airport that will get you in. The fares are also much higher than in Indian cities like Delhi. However, if you are from India, getting in Nepal is possible through roadways that connect the two countries. There are some open borders that will enable you to get in Nepal. Having said this, the great earthquake of 2015 has dealt great damage to many of the transport routes and in the border region between Nepal and Tibet and current monsoon rain may pose some threat as well. So, the safer route would be Tribhuwan International Airport.

Best time to visit

Tourists can be seen all year long, inside and even outside the valley. Most of them come for the beautiful trekking routes available in the vicinity of the eastern and western Himalayas. As such the most suitable time to visit Nepal would be around October- November during which the trekking can take place at its full might. The beautiful mountain passes, the jaw dropping the Himalayas and the silent and violent rivers will accompany you to some of the best routes in Nepal. So, if you want to book your tickets for getting in Nepal, better do it in advance.

Road ways and Airways

Talking about the route into Nepal, it’s essentially by road or by air since Nepal has no waterways. You can drive from Kakarbhiita and Jogmuni if you are entering from the eastern Nepal, Birgunj if you are planning to enter to Central part or from Nepalgunj, Dhangadi, and Mahendranagar for Western Part. In case you are looking for the entry point from Tibet, there is only one that is Kodari and Kerung which has its own Kodari highway which takes around 8-10 hours to reach the Capital city of Kathmandu. By air, there are many international flights for getting in despite having a single international airport. Around 30 international airlines function to the capital. Qatar Airways fly between Doha and Kathmandu while connecting to the flights from Europe and America while the Air China flies from Lhasa. A second international airport is being built in Pokhara, another touristic destination which may ensure that the diverse route to travel in Nepal. From Delhi, there might be people who are connecting on two separate tickets, in case which, you need to collect the luggage and check in separately and arrange transit in advance. 

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