Food and Accommodation

From the luxurious hotel to the drive by to small restaurants and inns, there is no shortage of food and accommodation in Nepal. Tea house is available if you are trekking around and the lodges have a warm and comfortable bed with warm food served for you. Dal Bhat is the national food and is served in most places. As you are here to enjoy the beautiful Nepal, why not enjoy this national food?


As soon as you enter the capital city Kathmandu, you can get to one among hundreds of hotels around the city. You will most probably land up in the one your tour operator chooses but if you have the choice to choose from there are numerous from fancy ones to the more affordable ones. Hotel Shangri-La, Hotel Hyatt, Hotel Shanker are few of the luxurious hotel to choose from. The food can be managed according to the policy in the hotel and based on the hotel you are staying in the food will differ as well. At night, you can opt for dinner out in the bustling city of Thamel with the beautiful night life to enjoy. You can check out the hotel rates online as well. Bokhara also has many tourist locations, beautiful bars, and luxurious hotels.

Especially in Kathmandu, we suggest you carry a bottle of water at any time. We don’t recommend you to drink water from the local restaurants and hotels unless they are bottled. Other foods that you can get are breakfast including eggs, toasts, pancakes, Lunch/Dinner- Fried rice, Curry/rice, noodles, spring rolls, momo, fried potatoes, spaghetti, buff steak, lasagna among many others. There is no shortage of the diversity in food available from Chinese to continental to the national.


In case you are trekking up in the mountains, you will rarely get to see good hotels, you have to make do with the tea houses and lodges that are available throughout the trekking routes. You will be served mostly with the traditional Dal Bhat and pickle to go with it. There are other delicacies but non beats the national food. Hygienic meals will be made available and you can also find continental dish occasionally.

The tea houses, though small, is perfect for a sleep over. You will get a comfy bed, warm blankets and tasty meals that will give you the local feel. Your tour operator’s policy will decide whether you have to pay separately for the food and accommodation or not but it will mostly be covered by the fee that you pay.

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