Communication in Nepal

Since communication is a vital part of our life, there is no shortage of Communication in Nepal in the cities, however, if you are planning to check out the rural parts, it is something that requires a massive improvement. But since you will most likely travel around towns and trekking areas, the communication medium is quite available. So, if you want to contact your friends or tour operator, you will find it done easily.

Telephone, mobile, and Fax

Although Nepal has only two dedicated mobile service provider the quality of service is decent. You can easily get the SIM card of any for around Rs.100 and recharge in the denomination of Rs. 50, Rs.100, Rs. 200 and Rs.500. Similarly, there are telephones if you want but that is hardly used nowadays. Long distance calls are pretty expensive so you may want to keep the conversation brief if you are calling from your cell phones or telephones. Fax is also available although not everywhere.

Letters and Parcels

There is a general post office in Sundhara and open from 9 am to 5 pm from Sunday to Friday. Stamps required for the post the letters are available on bookstores and stationaries around town. Parcels can be sent through the foreign post office. There are courier companies like DHL, Fed Ex which can be used to receive and deliver packages as well.

Newspapers and radios

If you have a mobile phone which supports radio, then you can listen to various radio channels available at different frequencies. There are around 25 radio channels which provide news, entertainment as well as songs on a daily basis. Newspapers are another source of mass communication. There is a wide variety of newspaper to choose from which comes out daily, weekly or monthly. Similarly, many papers are available in English so you can check out those. Fun fact, there are around 2,700 newspapers/journals in the country that is published either national or local.


It is also another effective mean through which you can observe various news, advertisement, and programs. Since almost every house has Television connection in cities, it can be considered most effective means of communication. There are few national channels and most of the channels are foreign- especially India. However, you can also expect international channels like CNN, BBC, Discovery, HBO, Star Sports HD to be available.


Currently, there are several internet service providers in Nepal which provide the internet at their respective price. These include Worldlink, Nepal Telecom, Imax, Mercantile communication, Vianet, Subisu and so on. Although Nepal has one of the slowest average internet speed, there is decent speed internet available at the higher end. There is the availability of internet café and several hotels have good internet connection to go with. The rural area, however, is deprived of such services.

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