Safety and Security

Nepal is a country with endless nature and culture to explore. With various trekking route to the world heritage to the national parks and mountain ranges, the diversity of scene that one may derive from the visit to Nepal is enormous. But, the inevitable question remains, is Nepal a safe place to travel?

The answer to the question is Yes. However, it does not mean that you can be carefree. As with another part of the world, there are many safety and security issues that you must be concerned about and it’s not just with Nepal. Uncertainty may strike anytime anywhere and you probably want to avoid that.

The first thing that you should opt for travel insurance in case of any mishaps- this may include various medical insurance, loss of personal property, passport or other, more of information is available around.

What should you be concerned about?

Nepal is a landlocked country so you should not be concerned about safety and security from Tsunami but do tread carefully if you are in for monsoon. Take this season, the landslide in the southern and central Nepal stopped many operations and blocked many roadways which obstruct the visit to various touristic destinations. Similarly, do be careful while trekking and although you will have a professional guide you with all the necessary equipment, chances are you may have altitude sickness or rather any sickness trekking high, well above 4000m. If you are trekking to Annapurna Base camp, Langtang or EBC there is a probability that you might indeed be the victim.

The bustling street of Kathmandu is not only the capital but also home to many notorious people and petty thief who might cause you some pain. So, be careful while walking on a busy narrow street. Keep your belonging close and passport and money even closer.  Lack of national currency may be another thing you should be concerned about, and always have adequate Nepalese Rupees as a change.


Some things are simple as be careful. It’s the basic foundation. Look out for your health and your belongings. The first thing to not do is walk around alone. Have a guide or a companion close to you and carry a copy of your passport just in case. Have an insurance policy ready for mitigating the risk of theft, or emergency evacuation. Keep plenty of change and only exchange them with authorized exchange office.

Since trekking is one of the major attraction, be careful while trekking above 3,500m. Don’t drink alcohol above the point and take small steps. Hurry up and altitude sickness will hit your hard. Don’t trek alone and have an official guide to walk you around. Carry around adequate medicine, mineral water and torch up in the mountains.

There might be a circumstance when there are general strikes and transportation strikes in Nepal, the wisest thing to do would be to avoid crowds and streets in general and hope for the madness to pass. The shuttle bus will operate between Tribhuwan International Airport and Thamel which will be your mode of transportation. Lastly, always check out the latest information on Nepal- weather, politics, and economics before making your trip.

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