Customs in Nepal

Being a country of sheer nature and culture, Nepal has been flocking with tourists from around the globe. 729,500 tourists have entered Nepal and these figures are bound to increases year by year. As such, it is important to know about Nepal Visa information and ways to obtain visa which is fairly easy to say at least.

Unless you are from India, getting a visa to enter Nepal is mandatory. However, getting one is not as difficult either. Visa can be received on arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport if you are coming by air or at any border entry points in case you decide to opt to travel by land. The basic thing you need, however, is your passport, a passport size photo and cash on hand preferably US Dollars. Other acceptable currencies are Euro, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Franc, etc. For roadways, visa can be obtained at the borders including Nepalganj, Kakarbhitta, Mahendranagar, Dhangadi, Raxual if you are planning to come from India. If you are coming from the northern side, you can get one on Kodari checkpoint.

Opting for Visa

Even though you are from India and visa is not necessary, you need to have some sort of identification to carry around like your passport or driving license, this, however, must be approved by the Indian Government to prove that you are indeed a citizen of India. Indian may find similar customs and language and find it easy to navigate. For those coming from the Great China, the visa can be approved with ‘gratis tourist visa’ from Nepal Delegation offices- Consulate General of Nepal in Hong Kong or Honorary Consulate of Nepal in Shanghai. Similarly, tourist can also opt for one from Chinese Embassy. For tourist from other countries, a tourist visa can be taken from Nepalese embassy in their country or the Diplomatic mission. Visa on arrival is not available for tourists from Nigeria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Iraq and they have to apply for one in their own country. This can be done from the Nepalese Embassy or Diplomatic missions. Nepal visa information can be obtained through Nepalese embassy you can even look online.

Cost of applying for Visa

Tourists visa is available for 15, 30 and 90 days which can be extended further. It costs US $25,40 and 100 respectively. If you are planning to take a side trip to Tibet, Bhutan or India multiple entry visas can be obtained or you can even change the single-entry ones to multiple for US $20. This can be done at Kathmandu’s Central Immigration Office. In order to extend the visa, you can pay  US $30 for 15 days and  US $2 per day after that. The cost for extending for 30 days is  US $50.

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