From the traditional view point to the cultural and nature oriented perspective, the Bungmati and Kokhana Village tour is one of the most easy yet exciting and serene tours around the Kathmandu valley. From the culturally inclined Bugmati valley to the naturally beautiful Kokhana, this tour has a lot to offer. Bungmati is home to the famous RatoMachindranath Temple and KaryaBinayak Temple. Kokhana is famous for the green rice fields carpeted across the Newari village.

About Bungmati and Khokana

Although Bungmati is not near to the peak of development due to its lack of easy access, the village has survived over the years without losing a touch of their cultures and their traditions. Bungmati is regarded to have been existent in the 7th century under the ancient name Bugayumi. Bungmati is a Newari village filled with Newari eateries and sculptures. Kokhana which is located on the north of Bungmati is also a Newari village.

The Route

You begin the Bungmati and Khokana village tour early in the morning. A public bus or a private vehicle takes you from Kathmandu to Lalitpurdistrict in roughly 45 minutes. You take a tour of the Bungmati village. We take a tour of the RatoMachindranath which is a huge shikhara style temple. During the RatoMachindranath parade, the temple is moved around Patan. You then move past the main courtyard and reach the KaryaBinayak Temple which is dedicate to Lord Ganesh. After finishing the Bungmati tour, you head north towards Kokhana. Kohana is a short distance from Bungmati.

The Scenery

TheNewari village, Bungmati has a lot of cultural oneness to offer. From the master art of the craftsmen in the newari community who built the sculptures to the sweet smell of local wine, Bungmati is a place to discover a unique culture that the community has been bound to since many centuries. From the KaryaBinayak temple we get to see the foothills. KaryaBinayak temple and RatoMachindranath temple are the most significant sights during the tour. Kokhana on the other hand is noted for the architecturally majestic and ancient local temples, and mustard oil. The Newari community is surviving off of their farm lands. The fresh breeze blowing in the rice fields of Kokhana is worth the entire tour. The reconstruction process has been going on in Kokhana and Bungmati village after the massive and destructive earthquake of 2015. 

What's Included

  • we offer you one very nice driver with brand new car.
  • pick up drop off from/to your hotel or airport .
  • One hiking guide with tour Knowledge  .
  • Hiking pass(Entrance fees).
  • One Lunch mid of hiking .

What's Excluded

  • Entrance fee of monument if you visit . 
  • Tip for driver and guide.                 
  • All extra shopping