The Kathmandu to Langtangheli tour is a great way to explore the wonderful Langtang Valley with a bird’s eye view of the high standing snowy Langtang Peak. It is a luxurious way to view the mountains without indulging in a physically competitive trek. The heli tour gives you an opportunity to view the snow giants, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, JugalHimal, and more.

About Langtang

Langtang is a regional park situated in the north of the Kathmandu Valley at the border of Tibet. Langtang Valley is home to the Langtang national park and the Langtang Himalayan range. Langtang range conmprises of LangtangLirung, angtangRi, DorjeLakpa and other snowy mammoths.


The Helicopter flight operates at Kathmandu city. So, you get to the operation point early in the morning after breakfast. The best time to take the Kathmandu to LangtangHeli tour is regarded to be January to May and September to December since the views of the mountains and hills are clear due to a clear weather. The total duration of the entire flight takes about two hour minimum and three hours maximum. The flight takes to the elevation of about 4000 meter to 500 meters.The top notch pilots who fly the helicopter are all certified so there is no risk. The flight begins from Kathmandu and leads North West with the views of the green hills surrounding the valley below.  Booking of the flight through one’s respective travel and tour agent is necessary prior to the flight.

The Scenery

After leaving the hustle and bustle of the Kathmandu valley, the flight leads towards Dhunche and stops briefly to get the National Park permit.  The helicopter than leads north towards Ghdetabla and stops there for sightseeing, The lush green forest is covered with flora and fauna like pnes, hemlocks, spruce, rhododendron and more. After the brief refreshment, the flight takes to the mesmerizing Langtang Valley. The flight at this point lands to KyanjinGompa which is famous for awestriking views of the snowy Langtang Himalayan range at an elevation of 7000 meters. Also, the views of the Ganesh Himal at 7407 meter, LangtangLirung at 7246 meter, and DorjeLakpa at 6975 meters are naturally significant. The famous Gompa sitting at 3950 meter is a place best for the views of the mountains surrounding the valley below. The overwhelming views of the Himalayan range in the Mid-west and the central region is the highlight of this tour.