Getting closer to nature has now been more adventurous and exciting through mountain biking from the hustle bustle of Kathmandu to the scenic Nagarkot. Kathmandu to Nagarkot biking tour is one of the most famous mountain biking tours since it takes you to the most popular hillside sitting around the valley with vista views of the great Himalayan ranges from Everest to Ganesh Himal.

About Kathmandu and Nagarkot

Depending on the weather, the summit of the hill in Nagarkot has many high standing snowy mountain views to offer. Nagarkot stands at an elevation of 2175 meter and is located32 km east of Kathmandu city. A former Village Development Committee, Nagarkot has amassed huge popularity for its distinctive oneness with nature.

The Route 

The Katmandu-Nagarkot mountain biking trail is only 38 km. The route initiates from Kathmandu. After having your breakfast and packing your travel gears and your mountain bikes we leave for the adventurous biking tour towards Nagarkot. The trail leads towards Bhaktapur City from the main highway. After viewing the culturally inclined Bhaktapur city you head northeast towards Nagarkot. The trail is a natural uphill 20 km climb. Then the trail passes through steeply terraced farmland while still clinging to the hillside. Eventually, we pass through the army barracks which sits amidst huge forest areas.

The Scenery

You leave the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu city and enter the green and serene Nagarkot. Bhaktapur City has a lot of cultural heritage sites t display. On the way you get to admire the Bhaktapur durbar square which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Newari culture is sure to fascinate you. The art and architectural monuments along the way represent the excellent history of the Newari community living in Bhaktapur. We pass along thatched houses and farmlands along the way towards Nagarkot. Since the road above is nicely paved, it is easy for the bikers when they reach the rim of the valley. The greenery from the lush forest will soothe any turbulent mind. The panoramic view once you reach the summit of the hill is worth every muscle you break after biking. Views of the high standing pyramids like Mount Everest, Ganesh Himal, GauriShankerHimal surrounding the giant valley below is distinctly visible. The mountain biking trail from Kathmandu to Nagarkot is sure to offer you a one in a million opportunity to see the nature which is totally worth it.