Pokhara to Muktinath temple Heli tour is one of the most revising helicopter tours that offers a bird’s eye view of the sacred pilgrimage of Muktinath. From the scenic beauty of Pokhara to the religiously significant pilgrimage of Muktinath Temple, the helicopter tour is worth it. Streaming above the clouds and watching the true beauty of the changing landscape from Pokhara to Muktinath is what makes the tour delightful.

About Muktinath

Muktinathis a religiously and architecturally significant valley located in Mustang District. The Muktinath Valley is known primarily for the Muktinath temple which stands at the elevation of 3710 meters. The Muktinath temple which is a pilgrimage to both Hindus and Buddhists is sits peacefully at the foothills of the Thorong La mountain Pass. Muktinath Temple has the Shrine of Kanaka Vimnam and pilgrims usually visit this place to pay homage to deity like Muktinath, Sri Devi Thayaar, Sri Murthy, and Lord Vishnu. The pagoda style temple is also architecturally significant. The temple is regarded to be one of the significant Shakti Peeth out of 51 others.


For those wanting to grab the experience of visiting the Muktinath Temple without having to go through the exhilarating trek, the Pokhara to MuktinathHeli Tour is the best option. After arriving to Kathmandu and some sightseeing aroung the UNESCO World Heritage sites, we reach to Pokhara through a public bus or private vehicle. The flight begins from the mesmerizing city of Pokhara. From Pokhara the flight lands at Tanipauwa which is the gateway to Muktinath. After some sightseeing, you return to Pokhara City and then back home. The entire helicopter flight duration is approximately three and half hours. Booking of the flight through one’s respective travel and tour agent is necessary prior to the flight.

The Scenery

While flying from Pokhara, you will get to see the high standing snowy mountain ranges like Annapurna Massif, Mt. Machhapuchrey, Nilgriti, Dhaulagiri, and more. The picturesque views of the rivers flowing below perfectly align with the green hills surrounding the valley.  As we enter mustang, the geography changes drastically to a dry landscape. The helicopter lands at Ranipauwa which is the beginning to the sightseeing tour. You will visit thereligiously and architecturally significant Muktinath Temple. Othertemples like Jwala Mai Temple and the MurtiDhara with 108 water spouts can be viewed. The Muktinath area also has various monasteries significant for Buddhist pilgrims.