Travel Insurance

Whether you are planning to the western part of the world or the eastern, it is wise to opt for travel insurance. Nepal being one of the most popular tourist destination, is definitely not the safest one. However, we are not trying to scare you off but rather ensure the potential loss that may be reduced by applying the many travel insurance policies that are available at your disposal.

This travel insurance includes the insurance policy for unfortunate events that may indeed take place including theft, loss or medical problems. There is numerous travel policy available for tourists which may not cover individual entertainment likes the accident that may happen while bungee jumping, trekking or even riding a motorbike. Such health insurance is not available. But in case you are stuck up 5,000m in the mountains, surely you won’t climb back all the way to the town to the hospital, you will need a chopper to get you there. And trust us, altitude sickness hits you hard if you are not careful up in the mountains. If you want to opt for an insurance policy that not only covers medical cost but also emergency repatriation to Bangkok or Delhi through helicopter than it will take a hefty $40,000 from your wallet.

Medical insurance, the most widely talked insurance is easy to get. You can either pay for medicine and get claimed later or the insurance company can make an upfront payment to the respective hospital or pharmacy. Medical cost is Nepal varies depending upon the hospital, but is generally cheaper than most part of the world. Hospitals are one of the infrastructures that Nepal has to improve and even though there are a small number of hospitals with good service they usually charge you a lot. If you are to opt for the first option where you get claimed latter, then it is wise to collect all the bills and receipts. Many embassies have even made travel insurance mandatory before issuance of visa

Another loss that the policies may cover is the personal liability or the loss of passport or delayed loss of checked baggage, travel delay or hijack. The availability of insurance does not ensure that you will be a-okay on your travel, it means that you are somewhat safeguarded from mishaps, it is up to you to take maximum care of yourself and your belongings and hope that such insurance should not be used. Prevention is always better than care folks. However, it is even better to tread with caution.

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